What is a wire rope clip?

Wire Rope Clips Manufacturer

Wire rope is an extremely versatile mechanical device that can be used to help support and move an object or load. Whether for use on cranes or for other lifting applications, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the rigging components that are being used to attach to and lift a load.

Wire rope clip , is also known as cable clips or cable clamps, from load bearing eyes at the end of a cable or wire rope or to connect two cables together.

Wire rope clips consist of a U-shaped bolt, a metal saddle piece, and two nuts. They are common in wire rope loop assemblies and are ideal for field installations. Sail Rigging offer several models to meet your specific needs,US Type drop forged wire rope clip, US Type malleable wire rope clip, DIN741 Malleable wire rope clip, DIN1142 Malleable wire rope clip, Italian type wire rope clips, Malleable type A, type B, Fist grip clip, etc.

Common situations where a wire rope clip could be used

  • Wire rope end termination on a crane cable or winch
  • To run a length of wire rope through an eye bolt or shackle
  • Perimeter cables on docks, parking lots, etc.

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