What Are The Colors Of Towing Shackles?

Colorful Towing Shackles

Shackles are integral components when using tow straps, ensuring a secure connection between the vehicle and the tow point. Towing shackles, also known as bow shackles or anchor shackles, come in various colors. These colors are often used to indicate the working load limit (WLL) or to distinguish shackles for specific purposes or certifications. Additionally, shackles for tow straps play a crucial role in ensuring secure and efficient towing. Here are some common colors and their meanings.


Common Colors of Towing Shackles


Often indicates that the shackle is certified for use in specific industries, such as the offshore or marine sectors.

Green shackles are sometimes used to denote a particular working load limit or to comply with certain standards.


Frequently used for high-strength or heavy-duty shackles.

Red can also signify a shackle with a specific WLL, particularly in higher ranges.


Commonly used to indicate shackles with specific safety certifications or high visibility.

Yellow shackles are often used in construction, lifting, and rigging to ensure they are easily seen.


Blue shackles might be used to indicate compliance with certain international standards or certifications.

They are also used for general-purpose towing and lifting applications.


Sometimes used for shackles that need to be highly visible in particular environments.

Orange can indicate a specific WLL or industry standard.


Often used for heavy-duty or high-strength applications.

Black shackles might also be powder-coated for additional corrosion resistance.

Galvanized (Silver or Grey)

Natural color of the metal after galvanization, providing corrosion resistance.

Commonly used for general-purpose applications, both indoor and outdoor.


Importance of Color Coding

The color coding of towing shackles is not universally standardized, and it can vary by manufacturer or industry. However, the general purpose of color coding is to enhance safety and efficiency by providing a quick visual reference for the user. It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards when selecting and using towing shackles based on their color coding.



Towing shackles come in various colors, each potentially indicating different load capacities, certifications, or specific uses. Common colors include green, red, yellow, blue, orange, black, and galvanized. Understanding these color codes can help ensure the correct shackle is used for the appropriate application, enhancing safety and efficiency in towing, lifting, and rigging operations.

When choosing a towing shackle, always verify the meaning of its color with the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure it meets the required standards for your specific application. If you want to know more about tow shackle, feel free to contact Sail Rigging.



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