Do You Know How To Customize Shackles?

Customized shackle

Customized shackle is very common in the industry to meet different needs, bow type shackles or dee type shackles are available by Sail Rigging.

When we receive a new shackle sample, we will measure diameter and other dimension for shackles. Once measurements are obtained, a preliminary drawing is created by software like SolidWorks, etc. This drawing serves as the foundation for the customization process.

After confirmation drawings with customers, we will create 3D model. Once the initial drawing is complete, it is essential to consult with the customer to ensure that the design meets their specifications and requirements. Any necessary adjustments or modifications are made based on customer feedback. Once the design is approved, a detailed 3D model is created, providing a visual representation of the final product.

With the approved 3D model in hand, sample production begins.This sample allows the customer to physically inspect and test the product to ensure it meets their expectations.

After the sample is produced, it will be submit to the customer for final approval. Any additional modifications or adjustments can be made at this stage based on customer feedback. Once the sample is confirmed, arrangements are made to begin mass production of the customized shackles.

During mass production, strict quality control is implemented to ensure that each shackle meets the specified size, appearance, and performance parameters. Sampling inspections are conducted regularly throughout the production process to maintain consistency and quality standards.

Once the customized shackles have passed inspection, they are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit. Customized packaging options are available to suit the customer’s branding and logistical requirements.

This is common procedure of customization, if you have any problem of customized shackle, you could try to contact Sail Rigging. Maybe Sail Rigging could provide solution to you.



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