Timely Delivery, Assurance Quality

Shackle Delivery

Sail Rigging has just sent out shackles in bulk, 15-20 days delivery time, exactly performan as standard. Timely Delivery We have 4 perfect forging lines, annual production capacity is 3000T, our main products are rigging products and customized products. Assurance Quality We have own lab,  could do salt spray test, rockwell hardness test, tensile test, […]

How To Choose Right Load Binder For You?

Load Binder

When it comes to securing heavy loads for transport, selecting the right load binder is crucial for safety and efficiency. Load binders are essential tools used to tighten chains and secure cargo on trailers. The two main types of load binders are ratchet load binders and lever load binders. Understanding the differences between these types […]

What Kind Of Customized Package Of Eye Bolts We could do?

What Kind Of Customized Package Of Eye Bolts We could do?

Eye bolts are widely used for lifting, rigging, and anchoring applications. However, ensuring their safe transportation and storage from manufacturer to end-user requires meticulous packaging. Also different customers have different package requirement,  customized package. Especially special surface finish eye bolt, such as electrophoretic eye bolt , powder coated eye bolt. This article delves into the significance […]

How To Test Turnbuckles?

How To Test Turnbuckle

Turnbuckles are essential components in various industries, providing adjustable tension in structures and systems. Proper testing is crucial to ensure their reliability and safety. This article presents a comprehensive guide to testing turnbuckles, covering visual inspection, dimension measurement, tensile testing, and zinc layer thickness assessment.   Visual inspection This is the initial step in assessing […]

15th Anniversary Of Sail Rigging

Spring Trip

Last weekend, Sail Rigging went to Qingzhou City for Spring Trip to celebrate 15th anniversary Of the company. We’re go climbing, city walk, everyone enjoy this company trip. Wish Sail Rigging will be more and more flourishing.

What Are Tensile Deformation Of Shackles?

Deformed Shackle

Tensile deformation of shackles refers to the changes in shape and dimensions that occur when a shackle is subjected to tensile (pulling) forces. Shackles, commonly used in rigging, lifting, and maritime applications, are designed to withstand substantial loads. However, when they are subjected to excessive tensile forces, they may experience elongation or stretching, which is […]

How To Control Quality Of Shackles?

tested shackles

In industries where safety and reliability are paramount, such as rigging and lifting operations, the quality of components like shackles cannot be compromised. Effective quality control measures are essential to ensure that shackles meet rigorous standards and performance requirements. Sail Rigging strictly control quality of every batch product, inspecting and test before shipment. In this […]

Why To Do Rockwell Hardness Test?

Rockwell Hardness Test

In the realm of rigging hardware, ensuring the reliability and safety of components like eye bolts is paramount. One crucial method employed to assess the strength and durability of these components is the Rockwell hardness test. In this article, we will explore the importance of Rockwell hardness testing for eye bolts(DIN Eye Bolt, JIS Eye […]

How to Conduct Magnetic Defect Test?

Magnetic Defect Detector

Magnetic defect testing stands as a cornerstone in quality assurance protocols, offering a reliable means of detecting flaws in ferromagnetic materials. By leveraging magnetic properties, this non-destructive testing method ensures structural integrity, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency across diverse industries. Usually self color rigging hardware need to do magnetic defect testing, such as shackle, turnbuckle, […]

Enjoy Afternoon Tea

Tea Time Of Sail Rigging

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” —Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady Today is Sail Rigging’s tea time, it is not only tea, but also really a picnic indoors, give us a moment to pause, to rest and heal.     […]