What Are The Colors Of Towing Shackles?

Colorful Towing Shackles

Shackles are integral components when using tow straps, ensuring a secure connection between the vehicle and the tow point. Towing shackles, also known as bow shackles or anchor shackles, come in various colors. These colors are often used to indicate the working load limit (WLL) or to distinguish shackles for specific purposes or certifications. Additionally, […]

Do You Need Shackles for a Tow Strap?

Tow Shackle

When it comes to towing, whether on-road or off-road, having the right equipment is essential for safety and efficiency. Tow straps are indispensable tools for such operations,and it’s very essential to use shackle too. Shackles are crucial components that ensure secure connections and effective towing. Today we will explore the importance of towing shackles, the type, […]

What Are D Ring Shackles Used For?

Shackle Test

Today,  i will take you to view our D ring shackle hitch receiver. D ring shackle is excellent role in towing, recovery and hitch application, so it’s very famous as a clevis shackle, hitch shackle or tow shackle in the automotive industry. When an accident happens, car needs road rescue, the trailer shackle will show […]


Tow Shackle

Tow shackles play a crucial role in the realm of vehicle recovery and towing, serving as essential tools for safely connecting and pulling vehicles. These sturdy devices are designed to withstand immense force and are utilized in various scenarios where vehicles need assistance. In this article, we’ll delve into what tow shackles are, the materials […]