Hooks in Dock

Crane Hook

In the realm of maritime commerce, where the sea meets the land, an unassuming yet indispensable hero takes center stage—the humble hook. Docks serve as bustling gateways for the transfer of goods between ships and shore, and it is the various hooks employed in these operations that ensure a seamless and efficient exchange. This article […]

The difference of G43/G70/G80 Lifting Hooks

Lifting Hooks

Lifting hooks play a crucial role in various industries, providing a reliable means of lifting and securing heavy loads. There’s different type of lifting hooks for your choose, such as US Type Eye Hook S320, Swivel Hook s322, Clevis Slip Hook With Latch, Clevis Slip Hook H331/A331, Eye Slip Hook With Latch, Eye Slip Hook […]

Why is Lifting Hooks used with Latches

Sail Rigging Eye Hook Self lock or latch

Lifting Hooks With Latches When deciding on whether to use a hook latch or not, careful consideration must be given to the specific lifting application. The usage of latches on hooks is a topic that is constantly up for debate in the lifting and rigging industries. While some people argue that hook latches are always required […]